Tuesday, July 22, 2008

miss me?

I've missed being here! Some days I just don't have anything to say, and other days the time simply slips past me! Last week I was in Chicago for Pampered Chef's annual conference, and it was great! It is such a fabulous company, and I really love being a part of it. I came home committed to working harder to build my business AND my own team of consultants. I'll try to keep sales pitches out of these pages, since most of you come here because you love me, not PC, LOL!! But hey, if you feel moved...

Aside from the conference itself, it was great to be in Chicago for several reasons. Chicago has lots to offer for visitors, it's easy to get around, it's on the lake (!!!!), and it's beautiful. I just loved the gardens, the planters, the window boxes and all things natural. I opted to leave my camera home this trip because it is heavy to carry around, but I carry the images of summer blooms and billowing sails in my mind, and those memories offer great delight.

Another treat was connected with scrapping buddies! I finally got to meet Maria from the scrapbook message board, and she and I connected for dinner with two other scrapping friends who were in town for another event. What a wonderful dose of sisterhood that provided me! It was too brief an evening, but a joy nonetheless.

Finally, I always find it good to get out of my small town life to observe other communities and people, and I got to do that on several train rides on this trip. A place like Chicago is definitely a change of scenery!
Now it's good to be home and getting back in the groove. I'll TRY to get here more often so that you aren't faced with the same page when you check in. Some days are just a challenge.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

filling paws

We never seriously expect someone to fill someone else's shoes, and we certainly don't expect dogs to step into the roles that others have held. It has been my experience, however, that the loss of a dog in the household effects the behavior of the others. My last Sheltie, Rory, tempered his behavior significantly after the loss of Avalon. Brenna reigned in her rambunctousness when Rory died. And though Dooley never really picked up the reigns that came with his new seniority when Brenna died, Juliet is now following in the paws of her predecessors by taking on some of Dooley's "responsibilities."

Dooley was my constant companion, relocating himself to wherever I happened to be, or at least to a position where he could see me. He always let me know that it was time for breakfast, and never failed to get my attention when there was something he wanted. Jules on the other hand, is passive. She likes companionship, but on her own terms. I confess to occasional days when I forgot to feed her because she tolerated my benign neglect. Dooley had me trained!

Now, however, Jules has shifted gears. When she is in the house she is often in the office with me, or curled up near the couch or at my feet when I'm in the living room. She is a more frequent visitor to the kitchen when I'm there cleaning up or preparing a meal. While she hasn't undergone a personality change, she has modified her ways. I believe dogs go through this transition for us, and for themselves. A part of life's rhythm got interrupted when Dooley died, and she is doing her part to restore what she can. It is touching, and I love her the more for it. Bless her for filling the still aching breach as she is able.

PS -- speaking of breaches, big hugs to my friend Debi, whose dad passed away this morning.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

indulge me...

Aren't there some Early Birds out there who would like to take advantage of this? Karen? Kellee? Janet? Maria? It's such an awesome deal. Jayne--how about you? Anyone!!

Anyone who eats, loves to cook, hates to cook, or is looking for great gift ideas!

Host a Pampered Chef catalog show! The host special this month is FABULOUS!!! In addition to the usual benefit of free products (not to mention free shipping and 10% off all purchases for a year), this month hosts can earn an additional $50-$100 in free products! Imagine a $500 show with $145 in free products, 2 half-price items and 25% off anything in the catalog, PLUS a host special of 60% off the Outdoor party sticks (see pictures - new this spring). When guests purchase $60 or more they receive the pinch bowl set (another picture - also new this spring!) for free! July is a great month to share Pampered Chef excitement with your friends and family.

I'd be happy to pop a host packet into the mail to you so you can begin collecting orders. Remember that you can invite friends and family via email to place orders online. A great time saver for you!

Let me know what you'd like to do and we'll get the ball rolling. Lots of great FREE Pampered Chef products await you!
I now return you to regularly scheduled or spontaneous activity, but I truly hope you will consider this awesome opportunity!!!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

inch by inch

In the last several days I have noted some incremental progress in my functioning. Prompted by the need to undertake some labor-intensive preparation for some materials for a PC bridal shower at the end of the month I began to focus on that task. I plugged away at it, downloading pictures from the PC webside and importing them into a document where I added the necessary data for my purpose. It took a couple of days to complete that task before moving on to the second phase of the project, but complete and move on I did. In the meantime I did a reasonable job of keeping the kitchen tidy and clean. I cooked a few times (the desire to cook has been one of the greatest casualties of the depression), and made sure that my outdoor plants got watered. I made a trip to Home Depot to acquire some necessary things for some tasks that have been on my "to do" list for far too long. Some of those tasks are now done, and others have been started. My energy is better, and my concentration is improved. That is significant progress.

There are still routine things that seem overwhelming. If Ken weren't making my coffee in the morning I probably wouldn't be drinking any. The dining room table is still cluttered. The office is still a mess. Vacuuming hasn't been done in days and there are spots on the carpet that need attention. There is dust everywhere. Crossword puzzles go unfinisihed. Still, I cling to the progress and the word "hope" feels more real than theoretic. Now if only I would stop gaining weight I might begin to feel a sense of triumph!


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