Wednesday, July 09, 2008

indulge me...

Aren't there some Early Birds out there who would like to take advantage of this? Karen? Kellee? Janet? Maria? It's such an awesome deal. Jayne--how about you? Anyone!!

Anyone who eats, loves to cook, hates to cook, or is looking for great gift ideas!

Host a Pampered Chef catalog show! The host special this month is FABULOUS!!! In addition to the usual benefit of free products (not to mention free shipping and 10% off all purchases for a year), this month hosts can earn an additional $50-$100 in free products! Imagine a $500 show with $145 in free products, 2 half-price items and 25% off anything in the catalog, PLUS a host special of 60% off the Outdoor party sticks (see pictures - new this spring). When guests purchase $60 or more they receive the pinch bowl set (another picture - also new this spring!) for free! July is a great month to share Pampered Chef excitement with your friends and family.

I'd be happy to pop a host packet into the mail to you so you can begin collecting orders. Remember that you can invite friends and family via email to place orders online. A great time saver for you!

Let me know what you'd like to do and we'll get the ball rolling. Lots of great FREE Pampered Chef products await you!
I now return you to regularly scheduled or spontaneous activity, but I truly hope you will consider this awesome opportunity!!!

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Jayne said...

A bit too much going on with me these days Anne, and I can't even pretend that I like to :c)


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