Thursday, July 07, 2011

thankful thursday

It's an adjustment, this being-on-a-schedule-thing. I've gotten up just once at the time I intended. I still get out the door on time when I get up later than I should but there are consequences. Like having to buy my lunch yesterday since I ran out of time to make and take it. But this morning I actually have time to blog before I leave for work!

LOTS of things for which to be thankful. Starting with coffee, which helps me ease into consciousness at these earlier hours.

I move quickly to my gratitude for pain medication. Two days ago my right hip began to hurt. Yesterday it began to ache just after lunch, and continued to ache through the day. It was particularly bad last night and the extra strength whatever it was didn't alleviate the pain by bedtime. Which meant that sleep came much later than I needed, and which also meant that multiple attempts to go to bed and get to sleep confused the heck out of the dogs. Not to mention me. I think Ken slept through it all. If the pain persists a visit to the doctor will be in order.

I work at an awesome university. New student orientation happens multiple times during the summer with small and manageable slices of the population of the new students and their parents at each session. I have renewed appreciation for my Boss (as opposed to my boss) who does a superb job of assuring parents that MTSU is committed to helping students succeed. At a session with parents yesterday she communicated that reality with directness, honesty, compassion and humor. You rock, Deb!

Golf carts are invaluable on a large college campus.

Yesterday a student gave me a "welcome!" card, along with the gift of a frame to let me know that I was appreciated. Pass me the kleenex! This same student came to the office on Friday to have a quiet place where he could take part in a conference call with President Obama and other students around the country. It was pretty cool to be within earshot of that opportunity for Laurence.

It feels incredible to work with people who have faith and confidence in me, who tell me that they're glad I'm there, and who pile assignments on because they know I'll get the job done. That latter part is a little overwhelming with three days under my belt, but I've got a handle on it!

Today is the second day of this round of new student orientation, which means that wardrobe decisions are much easier than other days. I am to wear blue!

And off I go to get into my blue. For what are you thankful?

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The Bug said...

I'm so glad you have this opportunity! From a long time nine to fiver I will add a piece of advice: pack your lunch & lay out your clothes (including jewelry selections) the night before. I don't always remember & I ALWAYS regret when I don't remember.

Definitely get the hip checked out if the pain persists. Hopefully it WON'T persist!

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