Sunday, December 04, 2011

holiday aid

I mentioned in my friday five post that I was going to make an effort to document the month of December in some way to capture its meaning to me. Along came a great tool for accomplishing such a thing, a holiday photo checklist. The problem with it, as with so many holiday and internet-available aids, is that it doesn't really suit individuals or families that don't have children upon whom to focus. Although we have grandchildren they are not nearby, so my photo opportunities need to focus elsewhere.

Being the resourceful chickie that I am, however, I have created my own list that doesn't rely on little ones to complete the Christmas picture. I have already updated this since first posting to include some additional thoughts, though the list does reflect my own life at the moment, which doesn't have a community of faith with which we are involved, nor a circle of friends locally with whom to celebrate and enjoy various sorts of exchanges. Take it for what it's worth. These lists are suggestions and a place to start thinking about photos or ways to document the holiday that don't require young ones.

I am indebted to the gift of a rainbow in this morning's sky while out with the dogs earlier. I was unable to capture a picture of it due to the delay in getting to my own camera. Now THAT would have been a great addition to the collection.  I at least had the presence of mind to thank God for the gift of seeing it. Not all is lost!

Click on the image for a closer look if you're so inclined. This is free for sharing as a pdf.

Blessed second Sunday of Advent!


Terri said...

Such creariviry!

The Bug said...

That's a great idea! Of course, we're taking pictures every day anyway because of my weekly picture post, but I think I'll try to be more intentional about capturing the spirit of the season.

Robin said...

Love this girl! Great idea, as we are in a similar situation. :)

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