Monday, March 05, 2012

a recycling trip

So yesterday we planned to make the trip to take our recycling stash to its respective location, then make a stop at a local shopping center on the return trip home to 
1) pick up some ceramics that Ken had painted and had since been fired
2) return some socks to Target
3) drop off old, no longer functioning printers at Best Buy
4) pick up some fabric to make the capes we will need when we are invested with the Knights Templar next month.
We decided that we could leave at 11 to make it to the recycling center and then to the shopping center by noon when the ceramic store opened. Well, the day unfolded a little differently than planned.

We started off on track: recycling accomplished! The recycling center is in a plaza where there is a Big Lots, and Ken had noticed a 20% off coupon good for that day only. I need socks, so we decided to "pop in" and look for socks. 45-minutes later we left the store with Easter goodies for the grandkids, grapes for Ken to plant (he is hellbent on making his own wine one day), some spring onions for planting, and some bling for a St. Patrick's Day event we plan to attend. No socks. 

By now it was lunch time and we were hungry, so we took a route to the shopping center that went by a fairly new Indian restaurant that we discovered a couple of months ago. Score! Fabulous lunch. On to the ceramics store.

Ken told me that I wasn't allowed to come in because he had also painted something for me. No problem, I thought, I'll just mosey up to the next section of the shopping center and make a quick stop at Chico's. I figured I could scope out the current merchandise to see if there was anything I wanted in order to take advantage of a coupon (that was at home). Once Ken learned I was there he wisely made a stop in Books a Million and found a book that is recommended for Templars to read. Close to two hours and 30 items of clothing tried on later, we left Chico's with a modest purchase in hand.  

Next stop? Target to return the socks purchased the week before (the socks in the photo are representative). Would you believe those suckers wouldn't even fit over my ankle? And I do not have big ankles. 

On to Joann's, where it was not such an easy thing to find 12 yards of the right white fabric for our capes. While there I also picked up a stash of sympathy cards (see previous post!). Thank goodness for coupons.

And then... the second of our printers at home bit the dust, so we decided to check out the options while we were at Best Buy to unload useless printers. We missed by one day the sale to save $130 on the printer I wanted, so we decided to make our way across the street to another store where we found a suitable Lexmark on sale. 

Finally, at 5:05 pm we were on our way home. I'm never happy to yield my day like this, given that my weekends are about the only time I have for leisure and to take care of things on my own "to do" list, but at least it was a productive day. And we now have a functioning printer, although it hasn't yet been set up.

How about you? What did you do with your Sunday?

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