Monday, June 18, 2012

week 24 in review

On the Home front
Our parsley is flourishing! We've also got some tomatoes beginning to ripen, basil that is going to seed (it seems too early--the whole summer stretches before us, so now what after the pesto is made?)

at Melrose when I was five months old

It's been a poignant week for me as I've begun to go through the collection of things brought back from dad's when we were there to get the piano in May. I've scanned some more photos, and continue to trip over tears and grief as memories of a life, known and unknown, rise to the surface. It's been nostalgic, to say the least, and perhaps because life has been such a struggle the last several years I am finding refuge in memories of less stressful times. Perhaps that is why Edinburgh begs my presence. I miss my dad. 

On the Table
This isn't our creation, but Ken's lunch from the "Smokey, et al" food truck at the American Artisan Festival we attended on Saturday. That's not a traditional burger, but a hodgepodge of pork (ham, bacon, you name it!). Think of it as a meat-lover's pizza without the part that makes it a pizza. Sort of makes me cringe from a health standpoint. I had a rather amazing sandwich of grilled curried peanut butter chicken with apricot marmalade from the Peanut Butter Paradise Truck. Very delish. Photogenic? not so much.

At Work
Wow, what a week! Incredibly productive meetings resulting in an exciting and extensive "to do" list when it comes to serving the needs of our adult students. So many ideas and such creative and enthusiastic people with whom to collaborate! It was also the week when final scholarship decisions were made (or in a few cases, almost made). I love the part of my job when I can tell someone that their financial burden for the coming academic year will be reduced by $4000.  Yay!

On a personal note
As mentioned above, we ventured out into the big city on Saturday to attend the American Aritsan Festival in Nashville's Centennial Park. We hadn't been to an art/craft show in what seems like forever, and I was in heaven as my soul was drenched with the creative fruits of the artisans present. Amazing work, just amazing. Ken asked me what my favorite "booth" was, and I couldn't narrow it down. What was fun to note is that work I would have walked past previously called me to explore and appreciate it. And then there was this hammock (among others in the collection) strung between trees that simply looked inviting on a hot day.

Bonus Round!
I covered my gray colored my hair gave my hair a boost yesterday. I tinker with the idea of coloring on a regular basis but yesterday it seemed that the stars were in alignment, so the deed is done. No pictures yet. I don't have the kind of camera that I can hold out at arms length to photograph myself (unlike some people I know on facebook who never tire of posting their self-portraits for the rest of us--and I'm not talking about anyone who reads this blog!), and it didn't occur to me until just this moment that I could use the bathroom mirror. Next time!

Enjoy your week!


Mary Beth said...

I call that, "getting my hair shined.". :-)

The Bug said...

Can't wait to see the hair. I can't figure out how to take a picture of myself in the mirror without the flash being an issue.

I colored my hair on Saturday, but not a single person (including Mike) has noticed. I think that might mean it was a success, although I had hoped for a bit more pizzazz. Ha!

Terri said...

I have started using a demi-permenant color from Sally's. One needs to mix it 50/50 with a developer, purchased seperately....but what I like about it is that it blends my natural gray with some color that fades over time. Then when I touch up the roots, it still looks good but furthers the blending. If I ever want to go all gray again it will be easier than growing it out. True, I do have to touch up every three weeks, but it only takes a little time, and doing it myself is very inexpensive.

On another note - still hoping the job is yours, and holding you in prayer!

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