Friday, November 09, 2012

friday five: happies!

At RevGals Karla invites us to share our happies! A good thing to think about in the midst of "stuff" so that we all keep tilting toward the positive.

Without further ado, my happies today are:

1) After being down for the count on Wednesday with a full-on cold I am feeling MUCH better and ready to take on the weekend. A good thing, since we have a very full weekend of Knights Templar (good) stuff.

2) My claim for unemployment was approved. Yay! A full-fledged member of the 47%. Except maybe not, I actually pay taxes on that.

3) Election results. Relieved and grateful.

4) My beloved four-leggeds. A smile is never far when they are near.
Two out of three. Don't pay any attention to that strange color on the door.

5) Anticipating being with family at Thanksgiving and spending time with my grandsons. The adults, too!
Number 3 grandson, Jude, at his first birthday.

What's making YOU happy?


Jan said...

I loved all your happies--glad you're feeling better! And I'm with you on being with grandchild for Thanksgiving. Ours will be 2 years old ON Thanksgiving day.

revkjarla said...

what a cute baby!!!
am glad you are feeing better, too....I have been battling a cold all week, so I resonate!

your play makes me happy!

Purple said...

Love the 4-legged's...

The Bug said...

I like your whole list :) (But maybe #2 & 3 the best).

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