Friday, February 21, 2014

friday five: a few of my favorite things

At RevGals this morning Jan invites us to share some of our favorites: food, drink, animal, color, and time of day.

1) Food: nothing jumps immediately to mind! I used to go directly to pepperoni pizza, but these days I limit my pizza intake, so it's not a current fave.  On our top list of "let's make this again soon" recipes is homemade baked beans (my husband can't have sugar, so making our own is our best solution when we want beans); crock pot chicken masala; casserole dill bread. Homemade soup is a stalwart favorite--I make a mean Curry Chicken Corn Chowder.

2) Drink: I'm surprising myself here by claiming water. With ice. Even when temperatures are frigid it is refreshing no matter the time of day, and a welcome gulp of renewal in the midst of demanding activity (mental or physical).

3) Animal: dogs are my passion, but I also simply adore sheep. They captured my attention when I was in college on a foreign study program in Scotland, and they continue to own a piece of my heart. 

4) Color: my default favorite is blue, although depending on the use of color, I will lean in different directions: clothing, decorating, an accent... 

5) Time of day: first thing in the morning upon rising. I love the quiet of the house, the pale, early light outside my window, that coveted first cup of coffee, and the promise that a blank canvas offers as the day stretches before me waiting for me to make my mark. 


Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

Love it!
and another sheep / lamb fan here =)
thanks for sharing...

Carolina Linthead said...

Lambs! Wonderful post. Coffee and water are essential for my survival. are sheep. They make me smile when little else can :-)

kelly Moore said...

We share a love of dogs and sheep

Jan said...

I would've guessed you liked sheep from all the sheep and lamp pins you post on Pinterest. I love to make soups, so I hope you'll share the curried chicken chowder one. So glad you played!

The Bug said...

I think I'd still say pizza was my favorite even if I don't eat it as often :)

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

wonderful 5s!
and ooo those sweet lambs! knowing they're in Scotland adds to my enjoyment - I loved how they dot the rural Scottish countryside on any trips taken out of the cities. That and the crofter's cottages =)

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