Friday, April 11, 2014

friday five: pre-Holy Week distractions

 From Noble Pig, a fabulous food blog.

At RevGals Karla offers us a pre-Holy Week Friday Five!

1.  What is your favorite Easter candy?
Anything Reese's, be it mini-cups, eggs, or the tried and true standard. Chocolate and peanut butter rule!
2.  If you have an Easter memory from childhood to share, then please do.  Or any Easter memory.
My freshman year in college my mom sent me the makings of an Easter basket. She included the green cellophane grass, the candy, a card, and maybe something else. That was just the best treat ever.
3.  Speaking of, what has your most favorite day of the past two weeks been?  Why?
See my last post! But in short, at the last minute some friends gave us tickets to the NCAA women's championship basketball game this past Tuesday night. As a long-time UConn Huskies fan I was over the moon having the chance to see them play, and enjoy their historic win!
4.  I am kind of digging’ Chipotle’s sofritos these days (marinated and “shredded” tofu) and have been eating them like twice a week.  Is there something new in your life that keeps bringing you back for more?  (be ye creative here…)! I'm a genealogy addict, and am eternally grateful that the world of historic records and documents is growing online at a rapid rate. I don't have the luxury of being able to travel to local sites for hands on research, so online tools are invaluable. More and more works are being digitized and can be accessed through, allowing me to search local histories for signs of ancestors and any stories that might shed some light on events in their lives. It's a research bonanza, for all kinds of topics.
5.  Of course, a sentence. Using the following words (or some form thereof):  Tree frog, squares, kleenex, eyeglass, lost, daffodil, palms, lamb, Peeps, licorice jelly beans, and donkey.
Lured by the song of the tree frogs near the meadow, I headed out to visit the neighbor's donkey and the newly born lamb. Cupping its face between my palms it sniffed the remnants of hastily eaten licorice jelly beans and Peeps, and as I looked down I spied a pair of lost eyeglasses in a patch of daffodils, from whence I retrieved them with a square of Kleenex.


Jan said...

Chocolate and peanut butter are excellent, always so! I think I prefer the Cadbury chocolate mini eggs, because they aren't around all year. Going to that NCAA basketball game was really cool!

The Bug said...

I'm a Cadbury egg girl, through & through (although I'd never turn town a Reese's cup either!

Anonymous said...

How fun to be at the NCAA women's championship being a UConn fan. Glad you got to experience all of that.


a pearl downunder said...

great sentence!


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