Thursday, March 22, 2007

spring at last!

It is always a joy to watch spring unfold as trees and shrubs begin to bloom and the earth slowly begins to tease us with hints and promises of green. I'm also watching closely the emergence of the hydrangea I planted last summer. It had showed early signs of emergence a couple of months ago during our exceedingly warm winter, but then a long cold spell cut off those tender shoots. Now there are leaves coming forth at the base of the plant, which may very well mean that the only place it can thrive is at its roots. Hmm... I need to learn more about this plant whose beauty I enjoy so much.

Junior is finally on leave, though he has a limited number of days since his last training cut into his leave time. We saw him yesterday when he came with a new girlfriend, and we enjoyed their company through the evening. We'll see him again this weekend before he heads back to base, and we're hoping he'll be taking some furniture with him. Ken is more than ready to have his office serve just that purpose, and not double as a storage area!

I'm making headway with Quick Books, and will take care of a few of those administrative tasks for Ken today before shifting to my own work for Sunday. I also need to be in touch with my first Pampered Chef hostesses to nail down dates and times for those parties. There's always something to do around here--guess I'd better get to it!

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Jayne said...

Yes indeed SPRING AT LAST!!! I am so happy to see it too. Hope your hydrangeas srpings forth a multitude of blooms for you! HUGS!


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