Friday, May 25, 2007

back in the saddle!

Hurray for the geek squad! Turns out that there was a bad memory stick on the computer, and it is now replaced and the computer upgraded with more memory. If only my brain could be so easily tweaked!

The week has been a hodge-podge of activity, but the main news to share (and some of you already know through other means) is that we're going to be grandparents! When we went to Pikeville for Travis' graduation we were gifted with a framed image of Ashley's ultrasound (see accompanying scan!). We won't know the sex until birth, and I'm already discovering that it's not always easy to find baby things in gender-neutral colors (yes, I've started looking). Due date is late November. They are very excited, as are we, but just wish that they now weren't so far away. It is easier to get to Savannah from here than Texas!

A busy day lies ahead, so I'm off to tend to my details. Glad to be back among the blogging!


Jules said...

Congrats to Nana Anne and Gramps Ken!

Jayne said...

How exciting it will all be! Hugs to you both!

Ruth said...

Congratulations! One day i want to be a grandmother too - how special would that be.


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