Saturday, May 05, 2007

where does the time go?

Hard to believe it's Saturday already. We had our second annual Cinco de Mayo party last night, on the eve of the day because I have a church event this afternoon that made an entertaining schedule a bit difficult. Sadly, no pictures, since our set up was a bit different and the evening evolved a bit differently as a result. So, repeats from last year!

The food was great, with a few substitutions just for a change of pace. On the menu: queso fundido (and no, there was no Velveeta in sight!), tacquitos, chips with guacamole, citrus salsa or tomato salsa, almond chicken mole, fish tacos, corn and black bean salad, and Mexican rice. Everything was from scratch (except the tortillas, we didn't make those), and though it took the whole day to cook, it was worth it.
This morning after furniture gets put back to usual locations, we'll start packing up for our upcoming trip. After church tomorrow we leave for Melrose, then on Saturday we drive to Pikeville, KY, for Travis' graduation from medical school. He will receive his DO, doctor of osteopathy, and then he and Ashley head back to Savannah to pack up for a year in El Paso, TX, followed by three years in San Antonio. Lots of change for them!
We're looking forward to a week's break--Ken especially, who has been working so hard--and time with Mom, who is already there. I'll post from there. In the meantime, have a good weekend!

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