Tuesday, March 25, 2008

farewell, good buddy

We lost our beloved Dooley tonight. He seemed fine this morning, but this afternoon he was a bit sluggish. As the day wore on his breathing became labored, his movements slowed considerably, and he began to cough up blood with some regularity. He finally lay down on the floor, and as I lay beside him to stroke him and offer him comfort, he took his last breaths.

My heart is numb with grief, and I know the nights will be difficult without him since he spent most nights under the covers snuggled against me. I miss the sound of his bark when there is activity outside, and the sound of his sigh when he would lie down near wherever I was. He was my companion, my cuddlebug, my grumpy one, my delight.

I am thankful that his end was not prolonged, and that I was with him. But oh, how I will miss him for a very long time.


Kellee said...

Hugs. I'm sure this loss will be difficult; you'll be in my thoughts.

Jayne said...

((((((Anne and Ken))))))
So sorry to hear of Dooley's passing. I know that you will be comforted by all the memories. God's peace.

Maria said...

Oh, Anne, I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how much you loved your beloved Dooley. Big Hugs.

Janet M said...

Oh Anne,
I'm so sorry to hear this about Dooley, he was such a fun dog. I know you will really miss his companship and the joy he gave you.
Hugs and love from a Dooley fan,

Kip said...

You know I feel for you Anne. I still miss Emmy Lou and it's been two years. There's nothing like a special dog in your life and we were both fortunate to have one.

Jules said...

My heart is breaking for you! He was such a funny little guy. Love you, darlin'!

madcow said...

Oh I am sorry. Like Kip, I know the feeling when our "friends" leave us. Hugs and all my love Clare

karen said...

OH, Anne....I am so sorry to hear about Dooley....our four legged friends are so our children.
May you be comforted by your fond memories of him.


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