Monday, March 24, 2008

happy anniversary to us!

This is a quick post in between things. We've just returned home from an anniversary/mini-honeymoon weekend away in Gatlinburg. I had meant to post before we left to let you know we would be gone, but got squeezed for time as we were getting ready to depart. I will post this one picture today, taken this morning at breakfast. The flowers are from Ken (he's so good about that), and they are beautiful.
We stayed at The Buckhorn Inn, an absolutely marvelous place that had been recommended some time ago by friends as a favorite getaway of theirs. I will tell more about it, and the weekend, in subsequent days, but wanted to "break the silence," as it were, on this blog. Thanks to the Early Birds for the wedding gift of a gift certificate that made this trip possible. Big hugs to you all!

More tomorrow!


Jayne said...

How fun! Husband and I are getting away to Asheville for a few days next week. First time we've been away since 2004? Happy, happy anniversary to two of my favorite people!

alsgal11603 said...

We spent our Honeymoon there as well, an loved the place!!! It was my favorite part of our trip.
Haven't heard from you in ages, but try to keep up with your goings on via the blog...
Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Jules said...

I am so glad you got away for a bit to celebrate!


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