Tuesday, June 07, 2011

a brief look back

A quick post this morning as I am heading off to the Berkshires to meet an old friend for lunch. She posted on facebook that it has been 16 years since we've seen each other. Unbelievable!

My buddy The Bug mentioned that she was unaware of the fire to which I referred in my last post. Oddly enough I'm not sure I ever blogged about it, which is strange. Briefly, nearly two years ago a fire broke out at my mother's retirement community. It was in the roof of the "natatorium," which is a stone's throw from Mom's apartment. 46 residents were not only evacuated that night, but displaced for eight months while the effected section of the complex was gutted and rebuilt. It was a rough time for all, though the staff here were amazing and supported the residents and took great care of them every step of the way of that nightmarish journey. Only one apartment suffered real damage from the fire, though all got water from the sprinklers. Every impacted apartment was emptied and put into storage. Anything wet that couldn't be dried (papers, for instance) was thrown away. Fortunately for Mom all essential papers are in filing cabinets and didn't get wet, so she suffered minimal loss. My particular job on this visit is to regroup and arrange a collection of photographs for the hallway. Seems I have a knack!

So it's high-ho, high-ho, to the Berkshires I will go for a delightful and nostalgic visit to that area of western Massachusetts. Have a grand day!


The Bug said...

Thanks for posting this. How scary! I'm glad she didn't have more damage. Have fun with your friend!

Terri said...

Curiously enough I think you did write about it on your blog, and I think it was about the same time I started reading your blog....I seem to remember reading about it...anyway, have fun!

Mary Beth said...

yes, i think you did write about it. Glad all is well.

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