Sunday, June 05, 2011

pigeon watch

When Mom and I arrived at her place last Wednesday we discovered that pigeons had been regular visitors to the deck off the living room of her apartment. Let's just say that they left a multitude of calling cards. Very messy. One of the neighbors whose window gives them a magnificent view of Mom's deck mentioned that he thought some nest-building had also been going on. We decided to explore further and, sure enough, in the shadow of some folded chairs propped against the wall there was, indeed, a nest. See above! One pigeon hatchling and one egg waiting to hatch.

It's not every day that you have a front row seat to such an event, so I've been keeping a watchful eye through the deck door to cheer the second baby pigeon's arrival. But day by day, Mama roosted and the egg didn't hatch. We began to worry that the egg wouldn't hatch, and last night a lot of mournful cooing and the company of other pigeons perched on building rooftops piqued our curiosity. This morning the egg is outside of the nest, and Mama and Papa can't seem to decide what to do next. We're a tad worried about the baby, not that we're eager for a growing population of pigeons, but all God's creatures deserve a fair shake at a good start in life. So we watch, and wait.

In more important news my godfather, George, died the day we arrived, so I was not able to see him to say goodbye. The good news is that I am here for his funeral on Monday and time with the gathered family, and I am grateful for that. This is one of the ways that God is being good to me right now.

Halfway through my visit I have lunched with my nephew, had a visit with my dad, dinner and a movie (The Cave of Forgotten Dreams, a documentary) with my older brother and his wife, and a good visit with my younger brother. The week ahead holds more opportunities with family, a "meet half way" with a friend, coffee and networking with the director of Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL), and a handful of projects to help Mom restore her apartment to pre-fire glory. Furthermore, the weather has been spectacular and the rhododendron are still glorious. The time will pass more quickly than I would like.

Hoping that you all are well and holding the fort in my absence. Ciao!


Jayne said...

So sorry to hear about your godfather, but glad you will be there to say a final goodbye. Watching a nesting bird is such a wonderful way to remember the fragility of life. Hope that other egg is able to be hatched. Hugs to you today my friend.

The Bug said...

Sounds like you're keeping very busy! I think I missed the part about the fire (or as usual just skimmed it & didn't retain the info). Hope you're able to get everything done you want to!

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