Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm still here, are you?

I realize I have been a spotty blogger since becoming part of a more conventional workforce, but I can't tell if anyone is still visiting here (except for my mother).  If no one is reading the blog I'll fold it up and tuck it away, but if my less frequent posts matter to anyone, please let me know. I DO have things to say, but if no one is reading them there's not much point in spending the time to put them out there.

Please just let me know.

Thanks, and have a stellar day!


Suzan said...

I am still here reading every word!

karen said...

I'm still reading.....perhaps not every day...but a couple times a week I catch up.
Of course I am out of work for a bit as I had surgery last more often visits for now!!!
And I vote for Mary Poppins, and do make Ken be the chimney sweep!!!!!

Kip said...

I'm here!

Jules said...

I read but don't always leave you is a bunch


Please keep blogging. I went into severe withdrawal when you stopped the Wed. missives a few years back.

Jan said...

I've been pretty spotty, too, but don't want you to quit. I usually come by to check on you, even if/when I don't comment. Stay!


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