Thursday, September 29, 2011

thankful thursday

A pause to reflect is a good thing in a busy week. And so...

This morning I'm thankful for a new 'do! It's actually new as of a month ago (and no, I don't have a picture, yet!) but it was in desperate need of tidying up, so I took care of that yesterday. MUCH happier with the new shape and the attention to detail given by the stylist. I will try to get pictures soon.

I'm thankful that it is finally feeling like fall around here. Cool nights, pleasant days, and clear, crisp skies. Ahhhhh.

I'm thankful for my nephew, Jesse, whose birthday is today. When he was born 21 years ago his maternal grandmother was moved that he was born on "the holiest of days," which, in that year, was Yom Kippur. On the Christian calendar, today is the feast of St. Michael and All Angels, so Jesse is doubly blessed with holiness. Mazel tov, Jesse!

I'm saying on the front end of a new adventure that I'm thankful to start zumba tonight. I hate exercise, but I just can't take the pudge anymore. Or the snug pants. Or the way I look in pictures (it's not an accident that there aren't any pictures of the new haircut). I will probably pass out five minutes into the program because I have so little stamina, but I am determined to give this a try. Twice a week. Yes, I am. Those sayings on pinterest about going slow is still lapping anyone on the couch have finally gotten to me. Take that, fat!

I am thankful for a good place to work. We have some great students, and I have some good colleagues with whom to share the mission of the school and some laughs as we try our best to support that mission.

I am also thankful for my assistant, with whom I laugh daily. Guffaw, even. Sometimes we get going to such an extent that students out in the lounge part of the office look up from their studies.

I am thankful for Pinterest. I know you couldn't tell that the site has practically changed my life, but I find so much inspiration there for various ideas and projects. One such project is actually half implemented!

I'm thankful for friends I've never met who stop by here to see what's happening. One of the things that's tough about keeping up with this blog is that I have lots to say when I'm in the car and hearing stories on the radio. I reflect on what I hear and want to write right then. Alas, by the time I'm at work or get home, that moment is but a memory. One of these days, however, I might just hold on to one of those thoughts and get it down on paper so I can recall it when I get to the keyboard.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your visit, and I appreciate you!

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The Bug said...

I have, on occasion, called myself at my work number to leave an idea for a poem. But another option might be to keep a mini tape recorder in the car :)

I want pictures! We'll love you even if you think you look pudgy!

There's a new zumba place I pass on my commute. I was eyeing it yesterday. I probably shouldn't try it just yet (esp. because I'm so naturally clumsy), but if the place is still there in the spring I might give it a go!


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