Sunday, February 26, 2012

Long time no blog. I don't like that. 

The last few weeks have been a bit slammed: trip home to see Dad, back to the grind at work, Dad's death, full tilt at work heading into and then hosting a conference for statewide educators working with adult learners. The conference went great with only minor hitches that were related to the facilities. We had 115 registered, most of whom actually showed up. That was an increase of 46% over last year! This was one of two high-visibility events related to my job, so it matters a great deal that it went well. 

Ken picked me up at school at the conclusion of the conference and we headed to Melrose. Luke was playing in his first soccer game last Saturday, and the whole family was invited to come cheer him on. And did we! This was the first event since Ashley and Travis were married that all parents, sibs, and spouses were together.

We all concluded that although Luke did his part to play (he kept up with everybody else as they ran around the field), Cross is going to be the athlete of the family. He enjoyed kicking a ball around off the field with his other grandparents.

Kenneth and Trisha stayed with us at Melrose, and we enjoyed some time with them Saturday evening before a busy  Sunday with all kids and grandchildren out the next day for fun and food. As is apparent, I'm including a few pictures. Thank you for indulging me.

The weather Sunday was less than ideal and not conducive to young'uns running around outdoors. Fortunately Melrose is equipped for rain, and even kids when it rains, so we managed just fine. Luke enjoys puzzles. Takes after his Nana!
And of course here is the classic picture from the weekend. It's always a good thing to have the camera handy and ready.
And let's not forget Jude, our chunky monkey, as Trisha calls him.
Thanks for stopping by. Until next time, whenever that might be!


Jan said...

I love you back with a post. Thanks for all the great pictures. Missing you.

The Bug said...

Fun pictures! Love that spaghetti face :)

Good job on the conference - you rock & I'm sure they know it too!


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