Wednesday, February 01, 2012

mid-week miscellaney

I’ve been absent for a while—the casualty of no time when I have energy, and no energy when I have time (which is the rarer commodity). Then, on those latter occasions, I wonder what to write here. My days are fairly consumed with work, and on the weekends? Somehow I don’t expect you want to spend your own precious time reading about our monthly trip to unload recyclables or our visit to Harbor Freight to look for hard hats.

As I drive to work I am inspired to offer my own commentary in response to the goings-on in the world, then by the time I arrive at my desk (with some time to spare, thank you) my mind has already moved on to other, more mundane, things.  Sigh. Nevertheless, I will muster up a bit of this and that to bring you up to date and attempt to amuse you.
Here goes…

·         On the political front: much has been written about Newt’s philandering, though adultery has commanded the most attention. Did you know that when he was 16 he “had a go” with one of his high school teachers? That’s the first documented dalliance, and the record follows from there. The guy’s a serial, sex-crazed narcissist, and he has made it abundantly clear that it’s all about him.  My comment today, however, is about Callista. You can call me out on this if you want to, but I really despise the idea of a First Lady who carried on an adulterous affair for eight years.  I despise his role, too, of course, but this is the first time that a sizeable chunk of our electorate thinks it’s okay for a woman with such a history to hold the most respected position a woman holds in this country. It does not work for me, does it work for you?

·         I made my first Etsy purchase last week, a gift for a friend. It felt like a landmark event and was a totally fun experience.

·         I am really sick of the coverage of the republican primaries. I think it’s a good thing that Tennessee votes on Super Tuesday, which means that the money spent between now and then will be divided among ten states. Hopefully that will result in fewer hateful ads and obnoxious robocalls.

·         Ken and I have both been accepted as postulants for membership as a knight and dame (respectively) in the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem. Our investiture is in April at an event in western North Carolina.

·         Happy Groundhog Day Eve!

·         The work day has now commenced and my brain is shifting that direction. I hope your day is blessed and productive (if that is what you want from it).


The Bug said...

Congrats to you & Ken! And yes, I will be VERY glad when the primary season is over. I think Ohio is on super Tuesday too - but we rarely watch channels that have commercials. We have gotten a couple of Newt robo calls, but it's easy to just hang up :)

Jan said...

Congratulations--though I don't know much about that organization. Glad to see you posting! I always miss you but know you are mostly happily busy.

Donna Henderson said...

Hey there, my long-time Far-Away Friend! Can you tell me the name of that book you sent me about grief and loss? I lent it to someone who apparently intends to keep it. I want to get another copy from Amazon. Thanks again for sending it; it is the best one because it was written by one who has been there, big time. Your blog looks so nice and cheery. I have not familiarized myself yet with the new template thing. Keep on keepin' on anyway, eh? If you do, so will I. Cool.


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