Friday, September 14, 2012

friday five: randomness abounds!

As part of the RevGals Friday Five, today's adventure is full of randomness. Jump in!

1. What is one of the best things that happened to you this week?

Reconnecting with someone with whom I recently suffered a damaged relationship (my fault). I am so thankful to be on the road to restoration and healing.

2. If you were in a Ms., Miss, Mr. (name your country) Pageant, what would your talent be?
When I was in grade school this was actually a perpetual conversation at the lunch table. As I recall, most of us denied having any talent and concluded that we would wiggle our toes.  All grown up (chronologically speaking, of course), I don't lay claim to pageant-worthy talent. But in the spirit of the question I'll don the "Miss North Pole" sash and wrap gifts without using scotch tape and tying bows that don't have knots. That is something I do with all my gifts south of the North Pole.

3.  You were just given a YACHT!!! What would you name it, and why?
I love this question! I really enjoy coming up with names for things, whether it's my dogs, the name of a program, title of a blog post... This one, however, has caught me off guard. Off the cuff I would want to play on the notion of my "ship coming in," so today the name of my yacht is "Arrived." That could change by tomorrow after I've had time to think about this some more! I'm a moderation kind of girl, so this smaller version would suit me just fine. I guess the Cabana Boy is off fetching our lunch while my companion and I are taking a dip.

4.  If you were to perform in a circus, what would you do?  

Invite all the kids to come love all over the animals. Behind the scenes I would make sure they were properly cared for. 

5.  What do you have in your bag/wallet/backpack that best describes your personality?

A book of sudoku puzzles. Gotta keep those little grey cells firing on all cylinders!  


The Bug said...

Fun! Here are my answers:

1. Practicing the anthem we're planning for All Saints - it's a hoot!
2. Being able to put off any project in a single bound! (But I would like to hear more about YOUR talent - do tell!)
3. Bug's Eye View - heh.
4. The Trapeze! (This is in the mythical world where I have grace & athletic ability)
5. My camera!

revkjarla said...

I love your play! And impressed with your Sudoko. I have never ever been able to complete one. OY!
Your yacht picture made me laugh. Great play, and thanks!!

Jan said...

I, too, am impressed with your Sudoko. My husband loves to play it, but I stick with Words with Friends on my Ipod. Numbers intimidate me.

river song said...

choosing and bestowing names always is fun, but your #1 has got to be the best. thanks for playing!

Amy+ said...

I love your yacht picture - it is perfect! And I second your soduko love - I play one every night before bed to wind down.

Beth said...

Sudoku makes my brain hurt. I'm always impressed with people who have the talent for it.

And how on earth do you wrap gifts without tape?

Teri said...

Please post a tutorial on wrapping without tape or knots--I'm intrigued! Thanks for a great play!

Jayne said...

I remember unwrapping gifts from you and thinking, "How DOES she do that??" :c)

Kathleen said...

Great play! I am amazed that you can wrap gifts without scotch tape!!! I once suggested to my husband that he should be able to wrap gifts using no more than 3 pieces of scotch tape. He looked quite devastated. :)

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