Thursday, September 20, 2012

seven things

My friend Dana has invited fellow bloggers to list seven random things about ourselves. I did this a while ago, but that was then, and this is Thursday!

So without further ado...

1) Mere moments ago I burned my finger using a glue gun. Ken and I are making a crown for a dear friend who has a birthday on Saturday. She has spent the last 4+ months in the hospital or a rehab facility, and we want her to feel special. We glued little bead trim around the crown points, etc., which was an exercise in painstakingness and tedium. It looks cool, though!

2) It's a sacrifice to type with a burned finger. Just sayin'.
3) We have made some really amazing recipes from Pampered Chef's "Great Grilling Recipes" cookbook in the past week. I mean, really, really good eats. Just $15 and you won't regret the purchase! I believe you know how to make contact with a consultant to order one.

4) I made dog biscuits for the first time the other day! I don't know why I resisted making them for so long--they're not hard to make, use ingredients on hand, and are edible! For heaven's sake, there's peanut butter in the recipe! The dogs even like them, which is sort of the whole point, so I'm chalking this one up in the victory column! Yay, rah! And, yes, that is the dog biscuit bowl.

5) When I was in high school I was such a zealous Montreal Canadiens fan (NHL) that I dated my papers by the players names. For instance, Yvan Cournoyer wore #12, and Guy LaFleur #10, so on December 10 my notes would be dated: Cournoyer/LaFleur. 

6) We're trying to make changes to our eating habits to get healthier, and among those changes is doing our own popcorn. Paper bag in the microwave, yessiree! A little tweaking is in order, but so far we are pretty darn happy with the results. Save money, eat healthier, that's the name of the game!

7) I woke up this morning filled with anxiety. My last paycheck will get us through this month, but then? I am trying hard to focus on the day to day, and what I can do to move my life forward to find a job that is a good fit. It is a frustrating quest since there aren't natural job niches out there for my particular interests (and sets of skills--that's for you, Michael and Dana!).  I swing between feeling hope and feeling the outlying twinges of despair.  This morning the latter had its grip on me, and the day has been dreadful. A nap didn't help.  Looking at sheep and puppy pictures didn't help! Cuddling my own dogs isn't helping.  My prayers feel old and tired, but I offer them up anyway.  We're trying yet another recipe from the above cookbook tonight, so at least I am anticipating some great food! And betting on tomorrow. A new day, a fresh start, maybe take Juliet for a walk first thing in the morning.  I don't like this feeling and I want it to Go. Away!

Here's to tomorrow, y'all!


Carolina Linthead said...

#8: I love you, dear lady, and your man. Wonderful post...sending prayers and grace and peace your way!

Jan said...

I enjoyed this and, needing ideas, I may try this tonight! What helped me in days past (and still does) when I feel anxious is to ask: "Am I safe right now?" and then "Who is in charge?"

So impressed you made your own dog biscuits. And I'm sorry about your burnt finger.

Terri said...

I so hear you on that anxiety and job thang...sigh. I truly hope it does not take you as long as it took me...although the timing is not something we have much control over....

The Bug said...

Hugs to you! I understand about anxiety - sometimes I am overcome and we both HAVE jobs.

Did you try one of the dog biscuits? Since they have peanut butter I would have had to try one - but watch out if they're really good. The dogs & I would be fighting over them :)


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