Saturday, January 12, 2013


My friend The Bug is cherished by me for a whole bunch of reasons, but one of them is that she comes up with great blog posts to steal. Here’s the latest—not just as a post, but as a resource for moving into the new year with some intention. She is making her list as a way to mark a birthday. I’ll steal that idea, too.  Remember, Bug, imitation is the nicest form of flattery!  

I turn 56 this year, so here is the first half of a list of 56 ways to mark the occasion (which will arrive in May, should anyone want to take notice).  I’ll make an effort to update the list monthly. That should probably be #2.

1.        Review this list every Saturday & plan which items I can do that week.
2.       Update this list each month so that the full complement of 56 items is on record by my birthday.
3.       See at least one of the movies nominated for an Academy Award. For 2013. Before the award ceremony.
4.       Bake bread at least once a month. Rye will do nicely, at least to start.
5.       Resume cross-stitching. Starting with Jude’s birth announcement (now that he’s 18-months old!)
6.       Write thank you notes in a timely manner (i.e. within a week after opening a gift or benefitting from someone’s kindness)
7.       Read more often. At least one book a month. Start by finishing BrenĂ© Brown’s I Thought it was just Me (but it wasn’t).
8.       Learn a new digital scrapbook technique each month.
9.       Send someone a postcard each week (use that opportunity listed as #1 above to fish out and address the postcard).
10.    Keep “date night” at least once a month. We can be such slugs about our social life—once a month might be perceived as a marathon!
11.      Teach McKinlee something new.
12.     Learn how to cook quinoa so that I want to eat it.
13.     Eat more fruit.
14.    Eat more vegetables.
15.     Call my brothers just to say hello.
16.    Call my nephew to let him know he matters to me. A lot.
17.     Call other people who matter to me.
18.    Finish an unfinished craft project
19.    Finish another unfinished craft project.
20.   Mail the turtle shell to my sister-in-law. The one she found when she visited in 2009.
21.     Play the piano at least once a week (yes, keep track!)
22.     Write a letter to the editor.
23.    See The Bug and Dr. M. in person!

Beware: monthly status reports may appear here!

You are more than welcome to share things you’d like to do (or not do) in the days to come. Lists love company!


Jan said...

This is great! I may have to steal it, too!

Jayne said...

I love that your list comes so easily to you. I'd be sitting and staring at the screen forever to come up with just 23 things I fear. :c)

Terri said...

I turn 56 in February....maybe I'll do this, but maybe just the idea of it will overwhelm me? :-) Still, your list is impressive.

The Bug said...

Ha! I wrote my Christmas thank you notes last night – oops!
Mike & I are equal slugs. We were going to either go see the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit OR Les Mis this weekend – and we barely made it to the Subway inside our Walmart.
Ooh I need to add the piano playing one to my list!
And I need to add #23 too :)
Great list! I’m struggling to come up with 50 “doable” things. I’ll come up with something & then thing – oh yeah, there’s only one summer between now & then.

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