Monday, December 31, 2012

on another subject...

A friend asked if I would make her a quilt, and over a period of months--interrupted by life (and sadly, death)--we've been narrowing the scope of the project. She was able to send me a picture incorporating the colors she would like, and I've found fabric that I think will do nicely. Now to choose the pattern so that we can determine yardage and move this project off the drawing board!

To help in that effort I told Linda that I would post images here so that she could see them easily--including pictures in emails wasn't working well. I am grateful to Pinterest for exposing me to so many patterns, and I've made a few editorial decisions related to my suggestions based on what I think I can handle! Without further ado, here are some traditionally styled patterns for Linda to consider. If none of them please, we'll add to the mix!
Pattern #1

Pattern #2

Pattern #3

Pattern #4

Pattern #5

Pattern #6

In a way it's a good thing the quilt project has been delayed.  Since we began our floor remodel (the week of Thanksgiving) my sewing machine has been unreachable, surrounded by stacks of books. The floor is also impassable with boxes of just about everything imaginable, not to mention that every surface in the house serves as a staging area for one thing or another. Now that we are on the down slope of the floor effort my task is to reclaim space so that normal is a word that "might" be applied to our living quarters. 

Speaking of which, I'm off to tidy up my office! 

And since this is December 31, let me take this opportunity to say "Buh-bye 2012!"

Can't wait to usher in a new beginning for so many of us.


Jayne said...

What a lovely project to immerse yourself in my friend. I like #1 for some reason. Hope this venture gives you joy as you stretch your creative muscles. And yes, adieu to 2012... gladly. :c) Love you!

The Bug said...

I like them all! Maybe the last one is a little TOO traditional for me, but any of the rest would do nicely :)

Good luck on getting your living space back. I could use some assistance in that area too!

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