Friday, February 01, 2013

project 56.0 update

As you know, I normally play RevGals Friday Five on this day of the week, but today's questions were just too penetrating for me! I'm not afraid of digging in, but I just didn't haven't answers. Instead, this being the first day of the second month, I thought I'd offer an update on my "turning 56" project.

I won't go through the whole list (which can be found here, if you're interested), but I can tell you that I have both succeeded and failed. 

On the "accomplished" list:
  1. We saw Zero Dark-Thirty. Seeing Lincoln is on the list, maybe on Monday when the local theater offers a Veterans discount.
  2. I mailed the turtle to my sister-in-law, and managed to get another package-in-waiting shipped off as well.
  3. I have started Jude's birth announcement. Yay!
  4. I sent a postcard. Well, one is better than none.
  5. I finished Bren√© Brown's book, as intended. 
  6. I have reviewed the list weekly, and,
  7. Updated the list monthly.
On the "didn't materialize" list:
  1. Those things I hoped to do weekly? Too ambitious. I'll just leave it at that.
  2. I did try to learn a new digital scrapping technique, but my version of Photoshop Elements got left behind ages ago, and it didn't behave according to the instructions. I didn't get very far. Like, past the second step. Sigh.
  3. I didn't bake bread. I did buy rye flour and have a two-page recipe printed out! I'm not afraid of long recipes. I used to make challah (that wonderful, braided egg bread that makes THE best french toast!), and that recipe is about four pages long! I should make challah again.
  4. I still need to write a couple of thank you notes.
All things considered I guess this isn't too bad.  A number of items on the list aren't time specific, so I can catch a break there.

I've added one thing to the list: learn how to crochet. I actually crocheted a baby blanket back when I was in high school, using a technique called broomstick lace. You actually use a broomstick. At the time I learned the technique for that particular project and have never been back. I don't generally like the look of crocheted projects upon completion (as compared with knitting), but I'm broadening my horizons. Plus, there's a particular project that I would like to take on.

So there you have it. Time to whip out a postcard or two and catch up.

It snowed last night, about half an inch, so I am REALLY enjoying looking out the window at this wee glimpse of winter wonderland while it lasts. The sun is out, so by noon it will pretty much be gone. 

Hope you have a great Friday, and an even greater weekend. Go Ravens!


Jan said...

Yay for sending a postcard! I'll try to send you one, too! Maybe you'll nudge me to do the FF, as it seems too deep for me today. . . . . Enjoy the snowy view!

The Bug said...

Ooh bread... Mike used to make a foccaccia (sp?) that I loved - and a rosemary one. I should put those on HIS list!

I guess we won't hear how I'm doing until after Easter - ha!


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