Friday, September 20, 2013

friday five: if it ain't broke...

From Martha at RevGals: It was a disappointing download. The new iOS 7 update took away the format I loved for the Notes app on my iPhone and iPad. I admit, these are tiny little First World problems. I will nevertheless miss the digital legal pad with the black brown font, in all its simplicity. In honor of the dear departed, please name five things in your life that need no improvement.

1) When my husband gets up in the morning before I do he makes my coffee--and a damn fine job he does, too! This is a spectacular way to start the day.

2) The presence of 4.97 grandchildren in my life. The very fact that there are grandchildren to love on (since I don't have children of my own) is a blessing and opportunity. 

3) The view from the front porch of our family tree farm. It's a keeper.

4) The music at worship on Sunday. Every week I sort of feel like I've died and gone to heaven.  Without fail the sermon and the lessons and the music weave to form a mystical experience of the Word.  Click on any of the pieces and be transported (you may need to turn up the volume on your computer). If you have time, listen to the sermon and music from August 25 to be blown away.

5) The enthusiasm with which my dogs greet me when I enter the room. Even if they just saw me five minutes before. Maybe especially if they just saw me five minutes before.


Eclecticity said...

Ah coffee in the morning for breakfast. One of the best parts of the day, I noticed it's numero uno on your list too.

Wendy said...

Grandchildren, what a gift! (And they're so beautiful.)

Martha Spong said...

Wow! How wonderful! I identify with these, if not directly, and you remind me how much I love having coffee brought to me in the morning. I'm grateful.

The Bug said...

Mike would LOVE to make coffee for me in the morning except I usually leave for work before he gets up and also I hate coffee - ha!


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