Thursday, October 17, 2013

from crawling to standing almost upright

These are somewhat magical days. It's exciting to be on the other side of the slope of launching Cumberland Animal Massage. 
  • My training was spectacular, phenomenal, exceeded expectations and inspired me in ways that I value deep in my bones. 
  • My web site is "official!" I am so grateful that our trainer is so proactive in wanting to help his students succeed--among other things he makes a point to take photographs of all of his students in training so that we have images to use to promote our businesses. Gold star! Double gold star! A fellow classmate also took pictures on her phone that she shared, and I'm using two of them on the web site.
  • I finally have my business cards in hand and have had opportunities to distribute them.
  • A friend and small business owner here in town has offered to sell gift certificates on my behalf to her clients, and will allow me to market my business through hers.
  • I've attended a local networking gathering and received some wonderful affirmation.
  • A draft of a brochure is complete, awaiting review by other eyes to see if says all the right things.
  • I have a Twitter account! I'm not actually thrilled about this, but a business consultant I trust assures me that Twitter is the best social media outlet to use to promote my business. I'm learning.
  • I have lots of ideas of people and groups to contact to let them know I'm in business--the opportunities abound! 
  • I'm working my way through the certification requirements: two massages on five different dogs not my own, and two tests (one of which doesn't test knowledge but functions more as a task list to help build my business). It's actually fun!
I'm beyond grateful that there is so much good energy around all of this, because as is typical of life, for all the pluses there are also some challenges. It's clear that I need more revenue to cover some start-up expenses. I need a grooming table, and am combing through craigslist to save money there. I need to print promotional materials and gift certificates, and buy ink for my printer. I need vendor materials: a banner, display board, etc. At least I have a stuffed demonstration dog! I need to upgrade my professional membership in the International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork. I need to buy insurance. I need to pay for the window decal for my car.

I really need a fixed location from which to practice. Experience already suggests that although pets may be more comfortable in their own surroundings, those same surroundings are highly distracting to them--almost too comfortable. Distractions are counterproductive. A fixed location will have to wait, however, until there is some money coming in. 

The hours of my day swell with activity related to all this, and at times I feel a bit overwhelmed. I am so out of practice having such meaningful work to do, not to mention that the responsibilities of "real life" press in.  Breathing is a critical component of massage work, and that plumb line also helps me focus on the components of the rest of my life. Everything is shifting, for good, but I am also reminded of how badly my confidence has taken a hit in recent years, so securing my "land legs" can take some doing. 

I am so grateful during a season of life like this for the wisdom of Dame Julian of Norwich: All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.


The Bug said...

I saw that quote on the interwebs yesterday too - I'm thinking that someone thinks I should be paying attention to it :)

I'm really excited for you. I hope everything falls into place & you're able to get established doing this thing that you love. In fact, I'll pray for that outcome instead of just hoping!

The Rev. Terri C. Pilarski, M.Div/MSW said...

Oh how exciting and wonderful!

Jayne said...

The excitement in your words made me smile with joy! This WILL succeed in spades because you are passionate about it my friend! I am so happy for you and wish I had ten dogs to bring to you! Onward and upward! You'll do great!


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