Friday, January 10, 2014

friday five: recent random

From Karla at RevGals, today's random looks at recent goodness:

1.  What is the best thing you have had to eat in the last couple of days?
Oh, some true yumminess emerged from our kitchen this week: Stuffed Shells Arrabbiata, and Crockpot Coconut Chicken Curry. And there's leftovers!

2.  What is the topic/subject of the best thing you have read in the last couple of days?
While at the library last week I saw a clerk putting a book back onto the shelf in the "new" section: Hope After Faith, a Pastor's Journey to Atheism. I don't have a foot in that camp, but I empathize with the folks who have made that transition, so I was curious to read about his. I don't know that it's the best thing I read, but it was a short, easy read, and offered food for thought. I don't regret giving it my time.
3.  Who would you like to give a shout out to that has been in your life the last couple of days?
My friend Jeri, who celebrated 50 years of sobriety last Sunday. She is a remarkable woman, a dear friend, a light in the darkness, and an inspiration.
4.  How have you practiced self-care in the last couple of days?
This may sound strange as a self-care item, but I've been cleaning and purging in my office (at home). I can now get into the closet, I can walk to the window to clean the nose prints off of it, and the top of my desk is almost useful again. The decluttering effort is poised to catalyze great things in the days ahead.
5.   Use the following words in a sentence:    couple, shutter, smile, pillow, groan, skip, baby elephant, red shoes.
The shutter of the camera clicked as the young couple smiled, watching their daughter skip a circle of red in her new shoes in front of the baby elephant. The image formed a pillow for later memories while Mama Elephant groaned with delight.


Jan said...

Self-care does include cleaning (purging), which is the long road I've initiated with reading "The Joy of Less"--got rid if five bags of clothes, but need to get onto culling my books! That book sounds very interesting (speaking of books).

Anonymous said...

Decluttering physically helps me mentally and spiritually. I also read thanks.


revkjarla said...

FAntastic sentence!!!! I agree that decluttering is self care, especially getting those nose prints off the window so you can see clearly! Your kitchen must rock!


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