Friday, January 03, 2014

friday five: turn the page!

Whether or not we make resolutions with the new year, we all transition to a new, physical calendar. In recent years my favorite wall calendar is called Pooped Puppies, a monthly collection of sleepy, or sleeping, pups that can’t help but evoke an “awwwww.” for many years my godmother gave me a flat, weekly desk calendar that featured National Geographic photos. One of the great things about calendars is that for each of us they fulfill the “form and function” requirement–a place to indulge an interest while serving a purpose.

For today’s FF, tell us about five calendar themes that you like to see hanging on your walls or going with you to appointments, or that you WISH existed to adorn and accompany your life.

1) Pooped Puppies! I just love this calendar, which provides a "puppy fix" of sorts for me. I'm fortunate to spend time with all sorts of dogs in my work, although puppies are not generally among them.  This calendar helps me get in some oohing and ahhing!

2) There are a number of calendars that support dog-related advocacy groups, and some of them have outstanding photographs. Any one of those would be welcome on my walls.

3) Scotland. I've got a board going on Pinterest to help me get my fill of pictures from this beloved country, but a calendar would definitely find a favored spot by my desk at home.

4) Quilts. Another Pinterest board helps me capture sources of inspiration for quilting--something I wish I had the space to indulge--but a regularly seen splash of quilting deliciousness on my walls might just push me over the edge to create not just the space to work, but a quilt itself. Ideas abound!

5) I've always thought that a saints "book of days" kind of calendar would be great fun for us clergy types.  It would be set up as a weekly, featuring a saint whose feast day occurs during that week along with some critical biographical and spiritual/theological information. With a whole week to spend with this inspiration we might actually become well enough acquainted with a contingent of inspiration to inform our work and our preaching in some new, and interesting ways.


Tara Ulrich said...

Love the pooped puppy calendar! So sweet! What a great play!

Jan said...

Pooped pups are so cute. I hope your new vocation is successful with all the different puppies you now see. So glad you posted today's FF.

Janet Salbert said...

Thank you for Fridays five, I love your puppy calendar too!


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