Friday, August 14, 2015

friday five: tell me something good!

(you're singing it now, aren't you...)

At RevGals today Marie writes this:

I’ve recently gone back to daily journaling as a spiritual practice and I am astounded at how it’s changing my outlook on life. In my work as a justice activist, I’m often fixated on what’s going wrong. But my journal is helping me to notice so many more things that are good, like my relationship with my spouse, my friends, and even the weather. So for today’s Friday Five, join me in pondering what is good in our lives.

This comes at a good time, as there is too much discouraging me at present.

What’s one good thing happening in your personal (but not TOO personal) life?
I am losing weight! After gaining, gaining, gaining during the last several years, a step on the scale at a doctor's office in February brought my inertia to a screeching halt. I am using an app that tracks my intake and my output (exercise), and helps me stay focused and accountable. A great benefit is that it draws attention to my food choices, and as a result I am eating differently. It also inspires more exercise than I would ordinarily take on. I didn't really take a "before" picture, but when I reach my goal I'll offer some sort of "reveal." Something to which I look forward! (The app is MyFitnessPal, for those who might be interested).
What’s one good thing happening in your work life?
I'm presently seeking a work life. I do have a Sunday gig, which is great, but it's not enough to sustain our household, nor does it adequately feed my desire to serve. But those are negatives. I suppose the positive is that I am seeking. I am about to submit my resume for a prospective job, and I feel good about an above average fit for it. Whatever transpires as a result of this application, the positive practice of offering my gifts and experience to the world is a good thing.
What’s one good thing happening in the area where you live?
Nashville is about to elect a new mayor, and it is likely it will be a woman with progressive ideas and viewpoints. She stands a good chance of winning, and the energy around her candidacy and the campaign is dynamic. 
What’s one good thing happening in the life of someone you love?

Our son and daughter-in-law (above, probably obvious!) are on the verge of welcoming their second son, Eli, into the world. We can't wait! My brother (below) has also just invested some time and focus into promoting his business online (facebook, pinterest, web and blog), and has done a fabulous job.  He refers to himself as a design evangelist (home building design). I'm so proud of him and happy for him. Check it out!
What’s one good thing happening in the world? (I'm going to mention at least 2)
The Iran Nuclear Agreement is a very good thing. Blogging about my participation in a Lobby Day related to this last fall is still on my "git 'r done" list. Maybe now I'll actually write it! I'm also regularly inspired by the oustanding work that some of my colleagues are doing related to human trafficking and racism (respectively). Becca Stevens, of Thistle Farms, is one. The Very Rev. Mike Kinman, dean of the cathedral of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri, is another. They each bring different gifts to these significant movements, and impact me in different ways. I am grateful for that.

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The Bug said...

I'm offering up prayers for your job search. And kudos to you on your weight loss! I have GOT to get it together. Keep writing about it - every time I read it I'm inspired!


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