Friday, January 01, 2016

friday five: blank slate edition

So here it is, the first day of a brand new year. I'm trying a less conventional lens to think about the blank slate of 2016 using these five categories as prompts.

Food: I enjoyed some success losing weight last year with the help of a fitness app. I'd like to build on that success--and the things that I learned help to fuel it--by incorporating some different food groups into the mix. More quinoa, for instance, as well as some recipes that incorporate fruit. I've still got 25-30 pounds left to reach my goal weight. Raising a stalk of celery to getting there!

Reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic: One casualty of facebook is the decline in the use of blogs. Fewer posts are being written, as well as being read. It's nice to have even a modest following, and to know that others care enough about what I share that they read what I have taken the time to write. But although I started blogging to share news and photos with family and friends, I kept at it because it fed a part of me to express myself through the written word. I'd like to reclaim that expression. It would also be fun to try some creative writing, as well. Just 'cuz. I'm starting by doing today's Friday five!

Relating: I live with the double-edged sword of introversion. The tendency to remain "within" doesn't nourish relationships, and hence they suffer. At the same time, it isn't helpful to beat myself up because a part of my nature contributes to that affliction. It's past time to explore ways to honor the nature while nurturing those affected by its less-than-comfy edge.

Mother Earth: A few years ago Ken and I made the decision to try to visit the national parks that are within easy reach of us (2 hour drive, or so). This was inspired by a visit to Mammoth Cave National Park in KY.  We plotted out the parks that fell within that category, and... it's time to revive that plan. It's also time to get to some of our state parks.

Creating: I've rediscovered knitting (that's Eli in his Christmas hat). I didn't think it was really a viable activity with a dog that likes to plunge into my lap without a moment's notice, but it turns out I was just making that up. There are a host of knitting projects I would like to tackle, and with six grandchildren (and one on the way), I've got a rich target audience for this expression. I may just have to revive some other craft pleasures, too.

A different kind of bonus: Parker Palmer has an excellent blog post about five new year’s revolutions that I found inspiring, challenging, and thought-provoking. Consider it an eighth day of Christmas gift! And may the year ahead bless you in all your endeavors and pathways in life.


The Bug said...

This is an excellent reflection! So proud of you on the weight loss. I'm going to join you this year FOR SURE.

I struggle with my introversion too - I don't have very many friends, especially ones that live in the same state I do. On the other hand, I'm pretty content, so maybe I'm measuring this friend business by another person's scale...

spookyrach said...

Hey! I read your post! Because I'm also sad that I've abandoned blogging for facebook and I'm trying to get back into it. Hope you continue.

I remember seeing pictures of Mammoth Cave Park as a kid - Childcraft books or something? It was impressive!

Thus ends this random comment from a random reader. :D


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