Wednesday, December 27, 2006

in my own backyard!

I've nicknamed them Winken, Blinken and Nod, for no other reason than that they are three names that go together, and the three young deer that habitate the neighborhood (along with the elder doe) are familiar enough that they deserve names. This morning I spied one of them in the yard and decided it was worth trying to get a picture. I fumbled for the telephoto lens, which has been packed away since we moved, and eventually unearthed it and got in onto the camera. By this time a second deer was in the yard, too, and I could see the other two through the brush in the yard behind us. The sun was striking one of them, and I tried my best to seize the moment and capture it on film. For whatever reason, the camera set a reading at a slow shutter speed (or maybe somehow the focus got shifted from auto to manual when I changed the lens), so all the pictures are out of focus, but the one here is the best. The near one bravely ventured toward the house, and though it didn't seem to mind that I had opened the back door to get a good shot, it was cautious, nonetheless. The pictures aren't of a quality to keep, but now that the telephoto has come out of hiding, maybe there will be another opportunity to capture them on film. Patience, and lighting...


tiggerrules said...

Great picture. And how nice that you get them so close to the house! Fun thing to be on the lookout for!

samtzmom said...

How beautiful!

Ruth said...

Well I reckon it is a fantastic picture. Deer in the backyard, something very special about that. So much nicer than living in suburbia!

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