Friday, December 29, 2006


With a little bit of leisure time this week, I’m assessing what I might do with the structure of my regular routine so that I am less stressed and more productive with the time and space available to me. Some necessary and cathartic cleaning and purging is in order, as well as organizing drawers, shelves, and storage areas to be more efficient and useful. I need to get some filing done (ugh—one of my least favorite things to do), and archive some of the files that are taking up precious space. I need to create again, and it would help immeasurably if the space where I work was cleared of clutter, both physical and mental!

This applies to other areas of the house as well. The kitchen counters are littered with things that have never found a permanent home. Things we don’t use often can be relocated to a storage area, and the counters opened up for their real purpose—food preparation! Ken got several cookbooks for Christmas, and though he has less time to cook than he used to, and I am doing more of it than I did, there’s plenty of inspiration available to put that counter space to delicious use!

So, where to start?!! It always seems that to bring order to an area a little disorder is necessary in the process. Maybe an hour a day, every day, making a dent here and a dent there will lead to the solution. All I know is that I have to try.


Jules said...

You need your young friend to come over for a few days and give the whole reorganization a kick start. I know exactly how you feel. I seem to create more messes than I end up organizing.

Did a small little something come in the mail to you?

Pam in Moncton said...

After a few days off the computer I have been reading all about your Christmas and enjoying the pictures of the family so much. I have the same Willow Tree Nativity that I got last year, except I don't have the Wise Men and I don't have all the stars, but I have I sort of stable back-drop with one star.


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