Monday, December 04, 2006

party attire

Heading into the holiday season two years ago I faced a fashion dilemma. I had owned two Christmas sweaters in adulthood, and one of them, perhaps my favorite for more than ten years, became an unfortunate casualty of the wash. I was down to one, and that simply wouldn’t do. A girl needs options, after all, even if she doesn’t get invited to holiday parties because the people she knows just don’t throw parties!

Anyway, I decided to rectify the Holiday Sweater Problem and added a new one to the wardrobe. It was quite adorable, if I say so myself, but wouldn’t you know it, the first time I wore it I managed to splatter small bits of barbecue sauce onto the front. It was a “wash by hand” sweater, and we all know what that means—it would be months before it would be wearable again!

So last year I indulged myself and bought two more sweaters, ready for whatever action might come my way. I’d resorted, frankly, to wearing them at home even if I never stepped one foot outside the door, so they would get some use! This year, we actually got invited to a holiday party over the weekend. Time to pull out the seasonal attire and dress up in full holiday regalia (which simply meant donning the sweater). But imagine my surprise when, at least among the first dozen women to show up at this party, none of the women were adorned with holiday fashion or even holiday color. In fact, half of them were wearing skirts! I gasped inwardly—I was out of fashion touch, and now I had a closet full of sweaters that would languish!

Eventually I was joined in my state of fashion staleness by two other women (one older than me, which makes me think this is a generational thing), so my pulse relaxed a tad, but it make me wonder. Is seasonal attire generational? Socio-economic? Dictated by Paris Hilton and her cronies? I’m at a loss. But I have decided this much—I will wear my fashion without apology and enjoy the festive look. Who cares, anyway?


Pam in Moncton said...

Hmmm...I find Blogger to be so useful in putting up pictures. It seems way easier than any of the scrapbook sites I have joined over the years and doesn't make me re-size the pictures which is a plus for me!

As for sweaters: I don't think I have ever owned what you might call a "Christmas sweater", but I think I know what you mean. I think it may be a generational thing as most of the holiday patterns I have seen seem made for older women (as opposed to teenagers I mean). It's the patterns I think. I often admire them on other people but I don't seem to want them for me, maybe because I don't buy a lot of clothes and I don't like the idea of something I will only wear once a year.

Gail said...

Well I see some kids at Kelsey's school wearing festive sweaters this time of year. I have a few that I wear now and then. It's a nice way to "dress up" and still remain casual enough to be comfortable. You're right though, I haven't seen too many teenagers wearing holiday sweaters. Probably because they're too busy trying to show as much skin as they can get away with, LOL.

samtzmom said...

Well, I have three that I DO wear during the month of December and find it fun that they only "go" during this month. So, I say, WEAR AWAY sister! I am right there with you!

Ruth said...

I am a Christmas t-shirt girl, and Christmas earrings, Christmas necklaces. I wear these all with jeans and I look gorgeous!!!!!!! I dont care how old I look, or young. Just dosn't matter, I live, breath and wear the Christmas spirit.

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