Sunday, February 18, 2007

Nanook of Tennessee

That would be me the last few days. This morning I bundled up with long johns, sweat pants, and Ken's sweat pants on top of those to face temps in the teens and snow-dusted ice on the roads. Without wind it was actually tolerable, though even the dogs were cautious on the roads. This morning we've cancelled the early service at church, but soon I'll be on the road (hopefully melting now that the sun is up) for the second service. We'll see who decides to brave the weather!

Temps are supposed to warm up about twenty degrees in the next few days, bringing us back to balmy and unseasonable temperatures near 60. When winter comes, can spring be far behind? These days, who knows!


Jules said...

You need to come south, darling! and fast if we want to play on Sanibel. We close on this house on April 30Th.

Kip said...

Nice to see you blogging Anne! Hope it warms up a bit up there. I agree with Jules, you need to come south!


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