Friday, October 26, 2007

one of those days

I don't begrudge the rain, which we need desperately, but it doesn't help. Today I've had too many errands, the added attention to the puppy with Ken out of town for a few days, a death in the parish that necessitates a trip to Murfreesboro on my day off. As long as I was making the trip I thought I'd head to the new Stein Mart to take advantage of a "two day only" coupon, Turns out Stein Mart has it's grand open next week! Grrrrr. I need some new clothes, since I have put on weight and don't fit into anything I own. No time to go elsewhere to find something. Stopped in at a shop to look for something for the grandbaby, but they didn't have what I was looking for. I stopped at another store to look for something to take to an impromptu birthday party tonight, and that was a bust. It's just not my day. So here I am sitting in my jeans (I had anticipated a new outfit!) to meet with the family of the deceased. Fortunately they are forgiving, and probably won't even notice.

The good news is that when I went to get Junior's car registered today they had received his fax last night of his orders for active duty. Those were necessary in order to waive the emissions inspection (since his car is out of state), and another tax. I was fully expecting a hassle about that, but was pleasantly surprised when the woman said "oh yes!" when I mentioned the fax. Phew! Within 15 minutes that bit of paperwork was in the mail and on its way to him.

The other nice thing, I am hoping, is that the day will end pleasantly with this birthday party. It's nice to be included, and with Ken out of town if offers some company on a Friday night. Time to start quoting Scarlett: tomorrow is another day!

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