Sunday, October 07, 2007

hellooooooo??? anybody home???

Well, we are, finally! The last couple of weeks have been so full-to-overflowing that I didn't even have a chance to leave a note here to let my faithful readers know that we would be out of town! Ken left a little over three weeks ago to head to Melrose to paint the cottage and install some replacement windows. The dogs and I headed down last Monday to join him, and also Mom, who arrived only a couple of days before that.

It was lovely to be away, and this time we "flagged the yard" to give the dogs a boundary like the one they know at home. It worked! They had a great time being out as often as they liked, and it was peace of mind for us. I'll post some pictures and share a few tidbits soon. At the least, I thought I should offer a break from the zinnias!

Glad to be back home among my cyber friends!!

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