Saturday, January 19, 2008

girls' day out

Ken had a polar bear golf tournament all day today (and it truly was--30 degrees was the high!), so I arranged with some of my gal-pals to have a chick-flick afternoon. We opted for "27 dresses," and all gave it a thumbs up. Yes, it's formulaic and predictable, but it was fun, and a little different, and we enjoyed it. A much better run for Katherine Heigl than "Knocked Up," which we thought was awful (no doubt the casualty of a lack of chemistry between "romantic" leads), and probably better directed. Some fun moments, some cliched wedding stuff, but who cares. Chick flicks aren't supposed to be Oscar favorites, just fun films to enjoy on an afternoon with the girls. We did.


Jayne said...

Sounds like a good choice and a fun day! Wish I could have been there to share some popcorn. :c)

karen said...

knb071554Good to hear the thumbs up....I was just telling my DF that I really want to see it!
I, to saw Knocked Up...and felt the same about least we waited for the DVD on that one!!!

Good you got some down time....

Jules said...

Oh Anne, you've been tagged...see my blog,hon! J


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