Friday, February 01, 2008

it's dd day!

Which means that since today is the first day in two weeks that I've had a day off, I've spent it being a domestic diva! Or, more accurately, a domestic demon. I started with the kitchen and spared only a few square inches of countertop. I scrubbed dishes, stovetop, microwave (inside and out), cupboard doors and dishwasher front. I emptied cupboards of things we haven't used since we moved and relegated them to the pantry, creating space for other things that took up space on the counters. The result? An almost pristine kitchen! I've also done four loads of laundry and tackled a few other unsightly areas. Ahhhhh...... I feel much better now. I don't really mind cleaning on my day off--it gives me a sense of accomplishment, and the kitchen looks FABulous! It would look even more fabulous with new cupboards and countertops, but that will have to wait. In the meantime I'm grateful for small triumphs, and today is one of them.

Who else has a small triumph about which to crow?


Kip said...

You have truly become a housewife!! I wish you'd come clean mine like that!

Jayne said...

Mine gets cleaned today... wish I had your energy to get started!

Jules said...

You were one busy lady. We are trying to finalize plans for a visit. May be in June...still up in the air.


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