Friday, August 29, 2008

she's a beauty

Many of you know my young friend, Sammy, through this blog, and some of you had the pleasure of meeting her at my wedding. She is one of the gem's of my life, and though I don't see her much these days (funny how being a teenager alters priorities!) she is still as dear in my heart as ever.

A few days ago her mom emailed a link to proofs of potential choices for Sammy's senior photo. I've selected my two favorites to post here, so that you can watch her grow up, too. Isn't she lovely?


karen said...

What a beautiful young lady she is!!!!

How are you my friend??

Jayne said...

WOW... I can't believe how much she's grown up since I saw her last. Just beautiful...

Kellee said...

She is beautiful!

I have to tell you, I requested The Glass Castle from after reading your recommendation and I couldn't put it down. What a sad story, but so well told...and a remarkable woman! I'm passing it off to Karen this afternoon so she can read it as well.


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