Tuesday, August 19, 2008

this 'n' that

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back here—I know how disappointing it is to visit a blog that hasn’t been updated! The last several weeks have been a whirlwind. Between being caught up with watching Olympic events (when did they introduce the trampoline, for heaven’s sake?) and keeping plants watered during the driest August since 1932, a lot of other activity has taken place.

We’ve been busy preparing documents and assembling information for Ken’s application to the state contractor’s board for his General Contractor’s license. Assuming approval, this will allow him to expand his work to larger scale residential projects, as well as take on commercial jobs. At long last we hand-delivered the packet to the contractor board’s office in Nashville early this afternoon. Phew!!! Let’s just say that there’s been more pressure on the administrative assistant (that would be me) than on the prospective GC throughout this process. The query, “what’s the status of my packet?” has grown old! The board meets September 20 and we hope to learn soon afterward whether or not the license is granted.

On the lighter side we attended our county fair the other night. We were blessed with several days of cooler temps (mid 80’s) and low humidity, so the days were tolerable and the evenings and early mornings quite pleasant. Perfect fair weather! Ken had never been, and it had been several years since I was there, so we toured all sorts of exhibits, booths, and livestock displays. It was fun to see the chickens and goats and reminisce about my four-legged and egg-laying neighbors from my days in Sewanee. I especially miss the goats, but the chickens were pretty fun, too. And yes, we sampled some fair food as well, the best of which was fresh corn on the cob. Other highlights included watching a hypnotist at work, and hearing bagpipes. I also registered for a number of giveaways, and surprisingly found myself getting very excited about Ford’s 2009 F150 truck giveaway. The extended cab model is awesome! I especially like the way the back seats fold up, creating a cozy, yet spacious area for dogs, among other necessities.

Last week I attended a class to learn my way around some design software that Ken purchased to aid in his business. As a frustrated architect I can say that there are lots of cool things about this program, but it is also one complex cookie that at times serves to raise my blood pressure. Fortunately I have a project near and dear to my heart that I am working on, so I am highly motivated to solve problems myself or find help from other sources to navigate the rough spots.

Two other highlights warrant mention. One is that we now have a new deck! Through one of his suppliers Ken was able to score, at cost, some composite decking. A deck wasn’t our first priority in terms of improving and adding on to our space, but we couldn’t pass up this deal. With the aid of his crew, the deck was constructed in a matter of days. We haven’t yet enjoyed much time on it, but anticipate pleasant evenings as the temperatures begin to resemble fall. To herald the completion of the deck I tackled painting our Adirondack chairs. I’ve had these for 12 years, and they definitely looked the worse for wear (and weather), and even I didn’t want to sit in them. That is no longer the case! I primed and then painted the chairs and they now sit brightly on the deck. I haven’t yet gotten pictures of the finished product, but will post those when I do.

And that seems enough for now. With the Damocles sword of the contractor packet a thing of the past I think I will thoroughly enjoy settling in to watch the Olympics this evening. Though I admire Michael Phelps and am thrilled for his accomplishments, I am so over the media enthusiasm about those 8 gold medals. I’m much more interested in watching Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh play beach volleyball. They are awesome athletes who demonstrate incredible teamwork. How do you spell MVP? How about 108 consecutive wins? Rock on, ladies!


madcow said...

Oh there must be photos of the new deck!!! I need to know where I shall be reclining, sipping on my wine & nattering with you! (I so enjoyed Jules' posts on her blog about her neighbourhood - I think everyone should do the same so I can "place" myself in every photo, ready for next year!)
Sounds busy but productive for both you and Ken. Not a bad combination I think. Hugs Clare

Jules said...

You have been one busy lady. I gave you and Clare the Wylde Women award (see your previous post for details)! Love you and miss you!


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