Sunday, August 31, 2008

resting from our labors

Today is a welcome day of rest this Labor Day weekend after a hectic week. Yesterday Ken hosted a "customer appreciation" cookout held on the grounds of a local church. We invited customers for whom he has done work, as well as those to whom he has given estimates, and had about 30 people in attendance. Not a bad turnout for a first go-round, and being held on a holiday weekend. We did some of the usual burgers and dogs, as the photo will attest, but also brought the cast iron skillet for home to grill onions, made our own slaw and beans, and I contributed a dessert courtesy of a popular Pampered Chef recipe (Chocolate Velvet Strawberry Cake--it's awesome!). It seems we spent half of Friday shopping or preparing food for this event, then Saturday morning wrapping up preparations and carting things over to the church. It was a nice day, but hot, and we were grateful for the covered pavilion and ceiling fans there, which kept things comfortable. In the end we were pleased with it, and Ken got three additional jobs out of it!

This morning we enjoyed some relaxation with the newspaper, watched some television programs that we never get to see because we're usually in churh (Meet the Press and Face the Nation--we're just fascinated by the newly configured race for President by virtue of McCain's choice of Sarah Palin), and nibbled on leftovers. Now we're just home from a matinee viewing of the new movie Traitor. Based on the trailer I anticipated the typical film of suspenseful political intrigue along the line of the Jason Bourne stories, but this was not typical at all. Though some of the usual elements ran through the storyline this was more a story of one man's inner conflict, grounded in and yet challenging his core beliefs. We both thought it was a fabulous film, and personally I think Don Cheadle deserves an Oscar for this performance. Like most movies that get me thinking I now want to go do some research about its genesis and learn about what motivated Don Cheadle, who was one of its producers, to make this film. I never saw Hotel Rwanda and don't know much about it, but I suspect there are some links between that film and this.

The remainder of the weekend is as yet unplanned (with the exception that we know leftovers are on the menu), which sounds just right to me. Of course there's the usual Sunday Times crossword puzzle, but that's a foregone conclusion. I hope this a wonderful weekend for all, and that you are able to rest from your labors as well.


Jayne said...

What a great idea to thank those who have supported Ken's business. Lots of work, but looks like a great time was had by all... I can smell those onions from here! Yummy!! :c) Love to you both.

Maria said...

How fun, and smart too! Feed the hand that feeds you. Great marketing tool as well as just having a nice time. You deck sounds nice too (earlier post), love to see some pictures. Enjoy your Labor Day.

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