Tuesday, May 31, 2011

hitting the road!

This morning Mom and I are getting on the road with our ultimate destination, Connecticut. I haven't seen my family in three and half years, and it is past time! Now that I'm unemployed I have the luxury of time for an extended visit, so I'll be gone for about ten days. She's got a box of fresh South Carolina peaches in the car and they smell so good that I may eat half of them before we get home, but I'll do my best to exercise restraint. Darn!

I'll check in from her place, and do my best to keep up with you all. Be well!


Jayne said...

Be safe and enjoy seeing your family! Love to mom! XOXO

The Bug said...

Have fun!

The Bug said...
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Terri said...

Oh my. I'm sorry you are unemployed. ...I will continue to think of you as I hear of work. Can you relocate? Are you interested in exploring the wordsmatter project? We should talk....when you get back we can arrange for a phone conversation, if you like.

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