Saturday, October 08, 2005

Greetings from rainy South Carolina!

And welcome to Melrose, my family’s tree farm. It’s been a challenge to post here this week since Internet access is long-distance dial up, but I wanted to get at least some word out during out trip here.
At this time of year, in this part of the world (inland, hilly area rising from the banks of the Savannah River) the weather can do just about anything. We began this fall’s maintenance project on a hot and overcast day earlier this week, with pressure-washing and sanding old paint off the front porch floor, posts and railing consuming most of our time. We had a second, gorgeous day for priming everything and beginning the final coat of the posts and railing (see first pic), and then the deluge struck. It’s been too wet and humid since then to return to finish the task, but the weather looks promising to complete our project on Sunday before we head back home on Monday.
In the meantime we had guests for dinner Friday night, so we returned the porch furniture for entertaining on the primed floor (see second pic). It’s been too wet even to venture out for pictures other than the pyracantha out by the old pump house (yes, that would be the third picture!). Assuming that the weather holds for Sunday we’ll be busy wrapping things up on the front and doing a bit of work on the back, so it’s likely this will be it for photos of this year’s Melrose adventure. Once we’re back on the mountain it will be a busy week leading up to the next craft show, but I’ll try to pop in with a word or two to stay in touch.
Thanks for stopping by!


Kip said...

It looks like such a cozy place there Anne! Loved the photos! Drive safely back home.

Jules said...

Anne, are you sure we can't have the 60/50 b'day bash here? BTW: besides missing you madly, I think I do have a does an island reachable only by water taxi sound?

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