Saturday, October 01, 2005

Now what do I do?

Okay, so I've succumbed to the blog bug and created my own. What in the world am I thinking? LOL! Well, I guess that's what this is for, to communicate what I'm thinking, and to share things going on in my world with the people I care about. So, here goes!

It's the first of October and the beginning of the fourth quarter, for those who note such things. For me it's something of a home stretch. The first quarter of this year began with uncertainty about funding for my job. Before an eleventh hour miracle made it possible to keep paying the bills, I began contemplating what else I might do with my time and my energy (as a way of earning a living). I began to put some things in place to ease out of the existing job and move toward another. In the second quarter I juggled a variety of travel and made the decision to "go for broke" with a life transition. There were two things I wanted to pursue, one Church-related and the other more "soul" connected, and I divided my time between moving forward on both of them. The third quarter began with establishing a new business! There were legal and financial logistics, not to mention the necessity to get busy with my new endeavor, a card company! In the meantime I learned that the time was not ripe for the Church interest to pan out as a means of employment. It was time to plunge into the creative world and make a go of that.

As this fourth quarter begins I've got an inventory of over 500 hand made and photo greeting cards, and I'm beginning to put together some other paper products for sale at an upcoming craft show. I've got my first show "under my belt," and a web site for Internet sales is on the verge of going live. During these next few months it is my aim to spread the word and begin to get established as a card crafter. Doing this is one of those quasi dreams that I never really thought to pursue until the last year. Now it is wonderful to have a dream, and to begin to realize it. I have concerns and anxieties, but I also have confidence, and am excited about what I am doing and the possibilities that are "out there." The world can be my pearl, and I've always liked pearls!

So, I'm off and running, as a card-crafter and a blogger. Now all I need to do is pick up some speed...

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