Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Is this cool, or what?

I'm so proud of my brother! He's a contract remodeler in Connecticut, and one of the houses he remodeled (in it's entirety) is featured in a book being released on Thursday called "Inside the Not So Big House." I was lucky enough to get a tour of the mostly-finished product a couple of year's ago, and it is awesome. Thursday night the owners of the house are graciously co-hosting, with Jamie, an open house for clients, as well as a book signing with one of the authors of the book. Wish you could see the house, it is an amazing work. A review of the book on Amazon includes this quote, "From Rhode Island to San Diego, the 23 homes featured here illustrate exceptional attention to detail. Each offers inspiration for those building or remodeling to transform their home into an expression of all that is important to them." If you're in a bookstore and see the book, go to page 50!


Jules said...

Anne, this is exciting! I love the book similar I leafed through at B&N...I cool! Now I know someone (or the sis of someone) who is the new book. Congrats to your brother!

Lee said...

Congrats to your brother, Anne! :)

Your photo for your profile just has to be less than 50K. I copied it from your site, resized it and tried it and it worked. If you want me to e-mail you the re-sized photo I can.

:) Alisha


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