Tuesday, December 20, 2005

busy day at the ranch!

Except for a few undetermined addresses, Christmas cards and letters are finally done! Australia and New Zealand friends, sorry yours got sent so late, but with any luck they'll arrive during the 12 days, so they'll still count, LOL. Also got a card order completed and sent on its way, as well as got state sales tax computed and paid. We've made chocolate dipped peppermint sticks and oreo bark and put together gift baskets for a couple of friends and our neighbors/landlord and lady (whom we can no longer refer to as the milkmaid since she's stopped milking the goats!). Tonight we're having dinner with my last seminarian and his family, which should be too much fun with their five kids!

As for a photo...

How about this one from our visit to the Atlanta Botanical Garden last month? I love this frog!

Hope these last days leading up to Christmas aren't too crazy for everyone!


Pam in Moncton said...

Hi Anne
Finally made myself a blog account so I can reply to yours and Jules'. Not much on it yet, just trying things out, but there's a picture of our chorale in the church. Anyway, cute picture of you with the big frog! Not quite as cute as the baby pics, but you know you can never compete with them! No stress here - all shopping accounted for, all baking as well, and I didn't send any out of town presents, but I have a nifty idea for next year if I can remember it early enough to make it happen.

Ruth said...

All this yummy food you girls are making - so decadant. No wonder we all put on five kilos over the holidays. Sadly I have to brave the heat yet again to do a little more baking here too. Your froggy is really quite enormous isn't he!

tiggerrules said...

Hi Anne...
Sounds like you're well on your way to being done with the holidays. Hope the dinner went well. It's always fun to visit those families with lots of kids. But always a little sigh of relief when you walk out the door too. Have a good one. Still miss seeing you every morning on the eb thread!

Kip said...

I love that frog too!!!


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