Thursday, December 01, 2005

A good day!

Hey y'all! First, Ken says thanks to everyone who offered bday wishes. The best part of his day was when his son call from that-place-over-there. It meant the world to him, and of course any time we hear his voice we know he's safe, and I toss up a silent Alleluia.
Christmas-wrapping central is beginning to wind down here. It isn't that we're particularly efficient getting this done, we just can't afford to yield the space to all these packages! As I type this all gifts are wrapped, five packages were shipped a couple of days ago, three more boxes are sitting by the door to go out tomorrow, and the rest will soon follow, or will be delivered in person. Phew! There are a handful of things on order that ought to be here within the next week, and I have one or two things still to buy, but we're in very good shape. Now I have the time to enjoy doing some baking, and we finally got the Christmas CD's out and had them playing today while I wrapped and packed.
I'm including a picture from our Thanksgiving travels--a cross on a tombstone at Magnolia Cemetery in Augusta, GA. My great-grandparents are buried there, and we took a driving tour in hopes of finding the family plot, but the place was just too big for that kind of luck to come our way. I have a picture taken of their gravestones about 20 years ago that might be helpful visually, but I think our best bet is to contact the office and get specifics. Some other trip, maybe in the spring. I'm also including a few more orchids.

It's been beautiful here today, and brisk. Finally feels like late fall! Hope your day has been pleasing to you!


Ruth said...

OK, that is just downright rude. You and Jules are far to organised and I have been preparing for this all year. My presents are still waiting for the big wrapping event. To be honest it is my favourite bit so I put it off to savour it for a while. Your orchid photos are just stunning.

Anne said...

Only organized by necessity, Ruth. With one exception all our gifts have to be shipped, and there's just no place here to store the packages, so out they go! I've also got the additional incentive that one gift I'm working on requires some sewing, and the only place for the machine to go is on the dining table, which has been where all the wrapping, stacking, and organizing of gifts has been taking place. We've begun to refer to the living room as the dining annex, since it's the only place we've been able to eat!
Glad you like the orchids!

Kip said...

orchid pictures are to die for...what kind of camera are u using? You're wayyyyyyyyyy ahead of me on this whole xmas thing....

Nancy said...

Oh Anne---these are precious and beautiful photos. I really need to dig mine out from my visit back home. You have taken some beautiful ones. Thanks so much for sharing them...

I hope you have a great week



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