Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Christmas Chapel

Ken has wanted to take a Christmas picture of the two of us to send to people, so this morning we "dressed up" and headed over to All Saints Chapel on the campus of the University of the South to get a picture. We had been there on Sunday and it was beautifully decorated for their legendary Service of Lessons and Carols. It was the perfect place for our picture (I wish I looked a bit more that way myself--omg, the weight gain shows!), and to get some pictures of the chapel interior itself. There was a woman in the church who was straightening up, and she offered to take us up into the bell tower, too, so we took advantage of her gracious offer! That's a picture of Ken at the keyboard. I've also included some pictures from inside the church, so feast your eyes!

Today is slipping away and I've gotten almost nothing accomplished that I had planned to do. Forgot a chiropractic appointment this morning, so there goes an hour of the afternoon while I scoot over there to make that up. Eek! Gues I have my work cut out for me this afternoon when I get back.

Hope y'all are having a good day/week!


tiggerrules said...

Wow! Anne, the pic of you and your honey are gorgeous! You look radiant! That church is so pretty too, what a perfect place for Xmas pics. Hope you get everything you need to get done today.

Kip said...

OHHHH, you two look so cute!!! That woman took a great picture of you all. Love the church too and Ken at the organ.


Sorry I missed you and Jules this am..I was back in bed :(

Kath said...

What a gorgeous church! And what a gorgeous couple! That's a great picture of you two - as they say, 'suitable for framing'. How neat that he would not just allow, but even suggest a picture of you guys - he's a keeper! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Kath

Ruth said...

The church looks beautiful. It is so right for those pictures of you and Ken. Really lovely. You must be so pleased with the pics. what could you see from the bell tower? Now there would be some great pics.


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