Wednesday, December 21, 2005

a new look!

I've been frustrated by some things on the orginal template I was using on the blog, so decided to make a change. For starters, I can now include links, which I wasn't able to do before. Now if only someone would let me know how to establish a counter... Give me a few days to figure all of this out!

A few weeks ago when I was in St. Louis Kathy and I joined two other friends for breakfast one morning. Listed on the blackboard of daily specials was "Eggs Jesus." Hmm. Turns out you're supposed to pronounce Jesus according to the Latin, but if that's the case, why wasn't "eggs" in Latin? So we proceeded to pronounce the special according to the English, reverently, of course! I also decided that, as a priest, I should honor the savior by ordering his special. Here's the description, the delivered breakfast, and a picture of the fabulous four (our nickname of old): (l --> r) Me, Kathy, Maureen and Barb. Hey, what are blogs for if you can't post about the minutae of the day?


Pam in Moncton said...

Oh Anne! Only you could go into a restaurant and find this! There's a breakfast place here where a lot of the dishes are named after someone, either a customer or staff member who originally came up with that particular combination, so maybe the good Jesus of egg-dish fame was one of these. Should have an accent in there but darned if I can figure out how to put one in! By the way, I now have one of these (blogs not egg dishes)so feel free to pop over and read it! I think you can access it by clicking on my name as a poster.

Ruth said...

Hi Anne, the breakfast does indeed look like the eater may need a blessing if not the person who made it. Interesting name!

angie jones said...

Hi! I found your blog while looking for a recipe for this first watch dish my significant other had once at First Watch and really liked. I was begining to think he made it up. I am glad to see there is photographic proof that it exists! Great post!


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